Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Detective Comics #50 Review

Detective Comics #50 from DC Comics -

    Bruce Wayne is gone. Commissioner Jim Gordon carries the mantle of The Bat, and he's doing everything he can to carry it well, and to deal with the insanity that is the world of the Batman. Now, Gotham is under siege by a deranged villain once again. This may seem like nothing new, but this villain is different - he removes, and absconds with, part of his victims for an unknown, sinister purpose. The only clue is that these murders are linked to heroes and heroic deeds. With little to go on, Batman races against time to keep this macabre maniac from killing his next two victims - victims who have already been chosen, captured and readied for the gory sacrifice. Can Jim save them, or will the Batman himself wind up dead and missing a few parts?

   Peter J. Tomasi pens a classic Batman tale in Detective Comics #50, a tale that is entertaining, and dark, taking Batman back to his gothic roots. It's a tight little mystery/horror mash-up that is sure to please fans of the Batman. I must admit, Jim Gordon as Batman is not totally satisfying to me, but it is an interesting way to shake things up, and it showcases all the reasons that Gordon is Batman's perfect partner in crime, so to speak. This iteration of Gordon is a lean, mean, ex-Marine fighting machine, and while he lacks Bruce Wayne's intellect and resourcefulness, he is resolute and tireless. Fernando Pasarin and Scott Eaton rock the pencils on this issue, and they are very good - even though Batman looks a bit like Daredevil in black at times. All in all, it's a solid issue, because at the heart of it all, Batman isn't a head-cracking psycho, but he is the world's greatest, most motivated detective. This shines through in Detective Comics #50 - Jim Gordon has to to put his greatest asset to work to solve stop this madman: his brain. I dig it.

RATING 8 out of 10. 


  1. I never collected Detective Comics (i did get the awesome Halloween variant though, last year).
    Kinda wished i did but it was not in my budget. I however will look at getting the title when it all reboots, Looking forward to the DC reboot, Gives my an angle on some characters that i missed out on during my 9 year Hiatus.

  2. A few years back,
    I bought a huge batch of comics from a lady that was getting rid of her hubby's collection that she'd won in the divorce settlement. I got a lot of valuables for a little cash - no matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise. She wanted those comics the same way she wanted her ex-hubby: GONE. Many of those comics were Batman and Detective Comics. I sold some, but them I made the mistake of reading a few. I was hooked. I went on a Bronze Age Batman collecting spree for years. Now Batman, Detective Comics and The Brave and the Bold (vol 1) make up a HUGE part of my collection. The New 52 Detective Comics series is pretty good. The early issues were stellar. I sold all of them except 1-6. Batman has been consistently great since issue #1. I sold them all too except 1-6 and a few issues here and there - I actually have 2 copies of #1 (1st printings) for this series; one bought for cover price and the other for $5. LOL! I am excited for the relaunch too. DC does relaunches right.

  3. Gil,

    You know getting comics on DVD is also an option. I have probably over 50,000 comics on DVD that I use for reading pleasure and research.

  4. ...W...T...F... 50 smackeroonies. Damn that's incredible.
    I have trouble reading what i have now Lol, Your just to awesome :) ...

  5. I am so far behind on this, i need to catch up!!

    I went to eccc guys, it was fun, will post soo. this week, a bit busy but will post some pictures soon