Thursday, April 7, 2016

Paper Girls TPB Review

Paper Girls TPB (Image)

Well...This was more than better, Great, Fantastic stuff. I read the whole damn thing in minutes, Simply could not put it down. It reminded me of being a kid in the 80's.
The good direction & the artwork was fantastic.

Time travel, Monsters, Awkward Teenagers (we were all like that), 1980's...Oh! this is good stuff. Mutants, Dinosaurs birds, Harvesting humans & Dudes who can obliterate you with a laser stick.
B K Vaughan on the the writing & Cliff Chiang artwork that fits like a beautiful glove.

Tex you said this was good, You were not wrong. I recommend anyone who's after something old & something new, Then this is for you. The best TPB i have read in years, Get it now!!!!!

Rating 10/10

Well...Don't think about it, It's awesome stuff when you a have bunch of cute cool girls trying to save the world, whilst arguing over computer games levels.

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  1. I'm glad you loved it!

    I'd like to see this make it to the big or small screen.