Wednesday, April 20, 2016

House of Penance #1 Review

House of Penance #1 (of 6) (Dark Horse)

Based on the famous haunted crazy Winchester house. Stairs, Halls & Doors that lead to no-where.
Sarah Winchester is hiring a ton of reputable men (out laws, Gun-slingers) to build the giant house. She is highly motivated & stern in her orders. No-one questions why & they frankly don't want to know why (these men are happy for a feed & roof to sleep under).
A man appears in the barn one late evening with a blooded side, Get's some work & then sits down to rest. He says "this seems like a good place to die as any".

Fantastic artwork by Ian Bertram (Regular Show & Bowery Boys), Really works well with the story which is by Peter J. Tomasi (heaps of DC works including possibly the best book of last year Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman).
Dark Horse excels at publishing this dark/horror theme comic books. Great cover & even the next issue has sweet cover. Can't wait for more.

Rating: 10/10.


  1. Interesting!

    And creepy. Ongoing or limited series?

    1. Limited series, 1-6.
      Will be a great series, Getting lots of positive reviews.