Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Shadow Glass #2 Review

The Shadow Glass #2 (Dark Horse)

Oh! yeah, This was a great read, Well done Aly Fell.
Dr. Dee & Tomas (Rosalind's real father) are remembering the old days whist Rosalind, looks on through the dark upper staircase. They want to open the doorway into the Astral Plane that killed Rosalind's mother (they admit they weren't strong enough the first time).

The shadow glass is a Aztecs sacrificial item used it during there many killings to please the gods. Oh dear what are these men up too???

Tomas asks about the young lady he saw earlier, Dr. Dee hears Rosalind up behind the stairs saying "he doesn't know" & Quickly changes the conversation to protect her from her somewhat evil father Tomas. But she is too stubborn to leave it at that & Tomas knows that Dr. Dee is lying about her.

At the end of this issue they summon a creature through the Shadow glass that they were not expected to see.

Once again, Beautiful artwork & Direction in the by Aly Fell. Thank you Dark Horse for publishing some great books.

Rating 9/10.

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